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Facebook and Instagram Live Videos

As an entrepreneur, you know that your clients are the one who are making your business up and running. The people who are buying your products and using your services are of utmost importance. Today, social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram connect you to millions of people around the world. So if your goal is to expand your business and attract more clients or if you simply just want to be more personal with your current customers, you should take advantage of Facebook and Instagram live video application.  

In April 2016, Facebook added a new feature that has revolutionized how people, especially entrepreneurs and start-up business owners, communicate with their family and friends and share real time happenings to their online buds. The giant tech company launched Facebook live. It allows any Facebook user to go live in a video format for as long as 4 hours. Similarly, it’s no wonder that Instagram too now have a live streaming feature just life Facebook. Well, Facebook is the new owner of Instagram so that’s a given. However, Instagram goes to a more modest route of live streaming. Unlike its big brother Facebook where you can share your live recording after you are done, your live video on Instagram will disappear the moment you stop the streaming. A growing trend for corporate video production Chicago is having these corporations utilize live videos for their businesses. So, with these cool live streaming features added to Facebook and Instagram, how will you as an entrepreneur benefit using these? Here are the ways: 

  • Highlight your business’ eventThis is invaluable if you want to have more people be involved in your business. Allowing people to be inform of your business’ special events will make them most likely want to be more connected with you. 
  • Have your audience take a peek of your new product. How about teasing your audience with a new product using livestreaming? This will help build up anticipation with your clients and will also attract potential customers. You can also inform them if your products are available to be pre-ordered.  
  • Have a Q and A session online. Most entrepreneurs get a lot of questions and comments on their page but who has the time to answer all the questions one by one? As a business owner, a live question and answer session is your opportunity to answer long-standing questions and comments.  

Retaining clients and attracting potential customers have to be done in a way that makes people feel important. Listening to what your audience wants and getting them involve with the growth and activities of your company are essential. Making a video shouldn’t always have to be costly and complicated, using Facebook and Instagram live will give the same process without even spending a buck! 

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