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How to Write a Film Script – 3 Things You Need to Know

Writing a screenplay takes a lot more work than writing a book. Given that you have an amazing plot, there are additional elements that need to be incorporated in your screenplay. Unlike book writing, movie scripts have to be written with much more detail exposition. This means that the setting and characters should be well-explained in order for the script to be efficient to your actors when the camera starts rolling. If you want to be a screenplay writer, here are the things that you must keep in mind to produce the perfect script.

  1. Sketching your story. Before you even get your hands to the technical aspects of screenplay writing, you must first sketch the plot of your story. Make sure to properly establish the settings and the characters. Focus on building up a good conflict and resolution for your audience to connect to.
  2. The format of your writing needs to follow certain rules. For one, you must write your script in an 8.5-inch by 11-inch paper with a three-hole punched on the side for the binding. Use specific fonts and font size. In this case, always use Courier and font is 12. Another important element is the margins. The top and bottom margin falls between 0.5 inch to one inch. The left margin should be about 1.2 inches to 1.6 inches while the right must be between 0.5 inch to 1 inch. Typically, a page of script equates to a minute of screen time. So a one and a half-hour movie has approximately 90 pages of script.
  3. Script Presentation. Once you’re done with your screenplay, check that each page is in order. Have your title page as your first page. The title should be written also in Courier in font size 12. Do not include any other text or images in your title page except for “written by” with your name in the center of the page. Place your contact information on either the left-hand or the right-hand corner of the paper.

Screenplays may look a bit tricky to write for the first time. But once your script gets played on the big screen, there nothing more rewarding than that.

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