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Our Specialist Services


Unlike some video production companies, that simply film your event and then can it, we can offer a wider range of services and then some specialist ones as well.

As a team, we specialize in music of all descriptions. This ranges from producing pop videos for bands, to promos for bands and artists of all styles and genres. As well as filming you perform, we can also offer a full sound recording service as well.


In addition to filming your band’s promotional video, we can also help you gain work, as we also co own a sister business as a booking agent.

This makes us invaluable for the many bands looking to get hired and get noticed across the scene today.

With a killer promotional video in your arsenal, your band can truly start to go places!


You may also book to use our recording studio services and we operate a substantial discount for bands who wish to use our video services as well.


Unlike some companies, where animation is an add on, with barely any thought given to it, our production team features five dedicated professionals who only work in animation.

We work in both 2D and 3D animation and can offer unlimited revisions throughout the creative process – even after editing has happened.

We don’t care whether your budget is large or smaller – we respect your perimeters and make sure that your project comes in on or under its designated spend.


We can film your sports day or speech day or anything else that is happening in real time, professionally and in a way that will do the occasion justice.


Not all of our videos are for marketing, sometimes we are asked to work on creative projects for their own merit.

We have four directors available to direct your independent script and each of them bring their own take on a project.

There are no egos in our team, no single person trying to take control of what is ultimately your creative project. We will always be respectful of this and never try and overrule a writer who comes to us with their script.


We have a vast wealth of experience when it comes to marketing videos.

So whether you want animation, info graphics, an explainer video or something that will go viral on YouTube, we can inject the sense of fun or excitement needed, into your brand.


Whether you are an educational establishment looking to put your course online, or a corporation looking to produce quality training videos, we can specialize in both.

From distilling a classroom based course down into a traditional learner’s DVD or filming a series of shorts for an e-learning course, we will produce your series or DVD simply and effectively.

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